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We’ve rebranded tech support businesses, barcode and data capture solutions providers and a leading transport technology company. Our marketing services have boosted sales for a telecommunications company and grown market share for an IT Services provider.

Clients We’ve Worked With

Client Testimonials

Fergal McCrann, Founding Director, Lantel


“I was very impressed with Frawley//Neville’s approach, experience and professionalism in developing our sales and marketing strategy. They showed great attention to detail and I would highly recommend their services.”

Nick Whittome, Managing Director, NTES


“In 2008, NTES moved its main operation from Dublin to Limerick. While we continued to grow our business in Dublin and the surrounding areas we struggled for 2 years to grow our client base in the Munster region. We employed the services of Frawley//Neville to help us understand the local market and increase our sales. They have been passionate about our business and has given us the belief and the drive to help promote NTES in the region. They are finding the issues with our current sales and marketing strategy and implementing real solutions that are already improving our presence in the business community in Limerick, Munster and beyond. The staff in NTES have been delighted with their professionalism, idea’s, marketing skills and work ethic. They have a passion for our business which is contagious. The past 15 years was successful, the next 15 and beyond will be amazing.”

Paul Browne, Managing Director, Hybrid Technology Partners


“We worked with Frawley//Neville during our rebranding process. They brought a wealth of experience to the project and led it all the way through. Without them on board for this project, we would have failed in creating the strong brand awareness that we were going for. We have also worked with Frawley//Neville on other client projects and recommended their team to other clients and contacts, always great feedback.”

Shane Mann, COO, Tranzaura


“Following a careful review and series of meetings with branding companies, we appointed Frawley//Neville to guide us through a rebranding process which challenged us all. We believed in Frawley//Neville’s track record and process and we are now very clear about our brand position. Based on this a brand identity has been developed that truly represents us. Our new brand identity and messaging is helping us communicate our differentiation in the marketplace and we believe this will serve us well into the future. We are now positioned to grow in line with our plans and are confident in our new brand. I would highly recommend Frawley//Neville, as creative brand strategists and also being very commercially astute. They have a unique ability to see the big picture to ensure the brand strategy is aligned with the commercial business strategy.”