We’ve worked on branding projects for specialists across various fields of engineering including power protection and energy management, industrial entrance/barrier systems, telecommunications and ICT.

Clients We’ve Worked With

Client Testimonials

Managing Director, PSE Power


”We worked with Frawley//Neville on a project that lasted almost 15 months. They have an aptitude for detail and understanding clients that makes them stand out from the many competitors in their space. They pay close attention to what you say during consultation sessions and try to capture the essence of your requests. They delivered the project with great results on time, within budget and which exceeded our expectations.I am very happy to report that following PSE’s investment in branding and marketing with Frawley/Neville our sales grew by 42%.

Director, Doormotion Ltd


“We gave Tony and Frawley//Neville the task of positioning Doormotion for growth. They successfully achieved all the objectives that we set out by developing a substantial integrated branding & marketing strategy. Frawley//Neville were a pleasure to work with and they always took our opinions and suggestions into account. They used their expertise to identify many opportunities for Doormotion. They had a very creative approach and showed great enthusiasm throughout. Frawley//Neville helped develop our positioning statement, a new suite of marketing collateral, a new mobile responsive website and much more. Doormotion has benefited greatly from engaging with Frawley//Neville and we wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them. We look forward to working with them on an ongoing basis.”

Managing Director, Surecom


“Through a very professional approach from the team at Frawley//Neville, we have had a very positive experience as we were led through our rebranding process.We have been challenged as a company for growth and regard our new brand and our supporting service position as essential for our future development. Many thanks and high recommendation to the Frawley//Neville team.”