Why start-ups should invest in a brand strategy

You’re an expert in your field – there’s no denying that. It’s something you’ve trained hard to do, or something that you are passionate about. But how are you with people? And are you a good salesperson? These are some of the areas that can catch a lot of great...

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Consider Your Brand’s Positioning!

As 2017 fast approaches many business owners, CEO’s and senior management are busy finalising plans to grow their businesses next year. Typically, these plans translate into outlining key performance indicators such as increasing revenues by x%, improving gross...

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An inside look at Ireland’s rebranding campaigns of 2015

  ‘S’é oileán na mbotháin, na mbotháin’… You know where this is going, don’t you? You would have to have been living under a rock or overseas not to have heard Eir’s new adverts on television and radio – after all, at the launch of its rebrand a couple of months ago,...

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3 reasons Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ brand is faultless

‘Just Do It’. It seems so obvious, simple and easy, but the truth is, a lot of time, energy, resources and money goes into creating a tagline so apt and perfect in the highly competitive world of branding. This successful slogan has stood the test of time, spanning...

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Lessons in Technological Innovation from Domino’s

One of the biggest changes in western society in recent years has been a move away from unhealthy food to nutritious, locally produced food. And with McDonald’s on the brink of closing hundreds of restaurants across the globe, where does that leave other well-known...

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Under Armour: The World’s Fastest Growing Tech Brand?

From one young man’s humble beginnings, selling his performance wear from the boot of his car to one of the fastest-growing high-tech brands in the world, Under Armour is a success story worth taking notice of. The technology behind the now diverse range of men’s,...

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Top rebranding lessons from international companies

Rebranding is a risky business that can either make or break a brand. It has often brought a company back from the brink, but many other times, it has sent businesses to an early grave, eating up the last bit of budget that was there to salvage the brand. Rebranding...

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An inside look at the branding success of BMW

Most people would look at BMW and think its reputation comes purely from the quality of the company’s automotive vehicles. Of course, we’re not trying to convince you that its success has nothing to do with its products. But it certainly can’t take all the credit,...

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The era of mobile marketing

It’s common knowledge in the business and marketing world now that news, media and advertising is immediate. People look at their Facebook pages several times a day on their mobile devices, e-mails are sent directly to people’s smartphones, making them as immediate as...

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The Power of Packaging Design in Branding

You were told to never judge a book by its cover, but it’s the 21st century and society is more image conscious than ever before. No area of life has been left untouched by these appearance appraisals, the packaging industry in particular. Increasingly, over the last...

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Star Wars: The Force is with the brand 30 years on

There are a number of branding lessons to learn from Star Wars, a story that has appealed to so many people from different walks of life over nearly four decades. It is a fantastic branding story of innovation, complexity and loyalty, and by embracing change, while...

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Stop pushing products start branding

Stop pushing products, start branding Are you just another commodity? Far too many companies are caught in commodity hell as they haven’t figured out why their customers should buy their product or service over the competitors. Sales personnel often struggle when...

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‘To the crazy ones!’ Branding lessons from Apple

There are few brand campaigns as original, successful and effective as the one that Apple launched in 1997, saving it from bankruptcy and turning it into the most valuable company in the world. ‘Think Different’ re-established Apple’s counter-culture image that it had...

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Brand It Like Beckham

More than 15 years after they got hitched, ‘Posh and Becks’ are still as loved and followed as they were in their sporting and pop music primes. But considering they are a pair of ‘formers’ – David Beckham, a former English football captain, and Victoria, a former...

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