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For the past 3 decades PSE Power, has built an enviable reputation as a leading supplier of power protection and energy management solutions to multinational blue chip clients that include; Mercury Engineering, Veolia, Google and Novartis.

Identifying a position in line with the business strategy:

With an aggressive growth strategy, PSE decided it was time to create a brand that would redefine their position in the marketplace in line with their strategy.

If the lights aren’t on, then there’s nobody’s home

Reliability, honesty and people development are some of the key attributes that make PSE the successful company it is today. Following a series of insightful workshops with the SLT and speaking with key customers, we discovered that one of the biggest pain points, was a fear of being let down. Put simply, if the lights aren’t on then businesses stall. Whether a data center, a runway or a five-star hotel, the new brand positioning needed to reflect PSE’s absolute commitment to providing uninterrupted power.

Our people, your power assured

We developed a positioning statement and brand identity that encapsulated PSE’s investment in its people and taken inspiration from the Sine Wave symbol recognised in the Power sector as a smooth repetitive oscillation or constant uninterrupted flow of power. Creating a bespoke symbol, we have introduced several intertwining strands that resonates a Helix DNA strand, reinforcing the concept that ensuring the continuity of power is part of their DNA.

It’s in our blood

The new brand position and identity is a reminder to all employees, that providing critical power solutions to their clients is part of the DNA make-up of the company.

Measureable result

“I am very happy to report that following PSE’s investment in rebranding in 2015 with Frawley/Neville Branding Consultants, our sales grew by 42% in 2016.”

Padraig Smith, Managing Director, PSE Power.

Completed tasks

Brand Strategy

  • Customer and Employee Research
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Vision and Mission
  • Value Proposition and Messaging Strategy
  • Internal/External Go-To-Market Strategy


  • Brand Identity Design
  • Brand Standards and Guidelines
  • Vehicle Livery Design
  • Website Design
  • Corporate Brochure
  • Sales Material
  • Stationery Suite

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