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Located in the rich fertile farmland of Munster, Dairygold is Ireland’s largest co-operative, supporting thousands of shareholder farmers for more than 150 years.

Since the early 1900s, families have been dairy farming the lush green pastures, supporting families and communities and as the industry grew, local farmers saw the opportunity to join forces by forming dairy co-operatives. In 1990, Ballyclough and Mitchelstown Co-Operatives merged to form, Dairygold Co-Operative Society.

Today Dairygold produce fully traceable, quality-assured, sustainable gold standard dairy ingredients to over 50 markets globally.

A Vision to be a leading global farmer owned Co-Operative

With a lot of brand inconsistency within the organisation and a dated look and feel, Dairygold wanted to develop one corporate branded message, consistent across all business divisions and a new identity to reflect the vision to be a leading global farmer owned co-operative.

Getting our feet dirty

Before setting out to revitalise the brand, we needed to do a lot of insight gathering. This included brand workshops, farm and plant visits and talking to key stakeholders within each area of the business. Once we felt we had a pulse on the organization, it really dictated the positioning and brand development.

Location, location, location

Taking inspiration from the original Ballyclough and Mitchelstown Co-Operative logos, we identified components to be included in the new Dairygold brand identity. From our insights, we discovered references where Dairygold’s farmers grass feed their cows as the ‘Golden Vein’ highlighting the excellent quality of land and being the richest milk country in the world.

Establishing brands based on location has been a proven and successful exercise and can be found in examples such as ‘Silicon Valley’ – the high-tech hub of the world and we believed that Dairygold could leverage and own the term ‘Golden Valley’ based on their location.

Nourishing the world from the Golden Valleys of Ireland

The new brand identity engages Dairygold people from employees, SLT’s (senior leadership teams) and farmer members. It also is a marker for global audiences helping announce their position in the marketplace as a global leader of dairy ingredients, nourishing the world.

Measureable result

“As brand visionaries, it was very clear that Frawley/Neville understood what was required in bringing a number of entities under one brand vision. They clearly understood the goals and the values of the organisation which is now reflected in the Dairygold brand.

The development of the Dairygold Brand has been part of a journey that has been very beneficial and we are very pleased with the result.”

Mark Keller, Head of Sales and Marketing.

Completed tasks

Brand Strategy

  • Customer and Employee Research
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Vision and Mission
  • Value Proposition and Messaging Strategy


  • Brand Identity Design
  • Brand Standards and Guidelines
  • Videography
  • Environmental and Trade Show Stand Design
  • Website Design
  • Corporate Brochure
  • Sales Material
  • Stationery Suite

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